To build on Sand or Rock? That is the question…

We are leaning all about where Christians get their guidance for living. Do you remember learning stories like ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ and ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ when you were little? Can you remember what lessons they taught us? (Not to tells lies or enter someone’s house without their permission).

Have you ever heard of the parable ‘The Wise and Foolish builders’? Well this was a story told by Jesus to his followers that taught them of the importance of building your life on strong, sturdy foundations.

We heard the story and had a go at retelling it practically. Thankfully, the sun was shining so we could get really creative.

Bikeability in E6

This week we have started Bikeability in year 5. We are building on the skills we learnt in year 4 and are given opportunities to practice riding safely on the roads. E5 are eagerly awaiting their turn next week!

Practicing on the playground before heading out of the school grounds

What’s the solution?

We’ve been looking at different types of solution in science (and no we don’t mean the answer to a problem)! We’ve explored different substances and investigated whether they are soluble (can dissolve) or insoluble (cannot dissolve).

We worked carefully and sensibly with hot water to pour and gently stir different materials into the water to see if they would dissolve.

Flour did not dissolve….
Sugar and salt both dissolved
Soil looked like it did to begin with…. but we later found out that it didn’t

Can you think of any other soluble materials?

Getting stuck in with science!

This term we are learning all about materials, their properties and how they react when mixed together. We spent an afternoon working together and investigating different ways to separate dry mixed materials. We found some of the items considerably easier to extract than others… especially as we were not supposed to be using our bare hands to separate any of it!

sieving soil from rice and beads
using masking tape to collect materials
getting the pins off the magnets was very tricky
we had to get quite inventive with our tools
we had varied success

World Book Day in Y5!

Last Friday, we celebrated all things literature. We had an opportunity to share our favourite books and dress up as different book characters. We immersed ourselves in the fantastical (and somewhat, non-sensical) world of Alice in Wonderland. Allowing our creativity to run freely as we created our very adventures for Alice.

Do you know how plants reproduce?

In science this term, we have been learning all about the life cycles of different animals and the different ways that plants can reproduce. Did you know that not all plants need pollinating by insects?

We investigated how plants can generate their own ‘genetically identical’ clones and had a go at taking our own cuttings from plants to see if we could mimic this process.

Super Start to Y5

What a great start to the Autumn term!

We’ve hit the ground running and are learning all about the Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for kingdom of England. We are currently reading and writing about Beowulf in Literacy and have been confidently revising and developing our place value knowledge in Maths.

Have you read Beowulf?

Bikeability and bread making!

The second half of the spring term was very busy in year 5! Whilst groups of E5 and E6 were off learning to cycle on the roads around the school, the remainder of the children were busy tasting various breads and evaluating them. They then used their knowledge of bread and different ingredients to help them design and create their own Anglo Saxon bread. ( There were a lot of children who decided that they would change their ingredients if they had to make it again as they weren’t as delicious as they looked!

Day of Reflection

Tuesday 23rd March marked a years anniversary for the first lockdown.

Across Two Moors, the school reflected on the tough year that everyone has faced and the devastating losses caused by COVID and other illnesses. A minutes silence was held at 12pm to reflect and remember.

It was an opportunity to reflect on collective loss and support those who have been bereaved and the hope for a brighter future.

The children were able to discuss openly and thoughtfully about how the past year has affected them and were able to reflect on the bereaved.