Science workshop

The whole school were involved in a science workshop which was presented by the Royal Institute.

The topic was Energy Live! There were lots of exciting demonstrations involving different types of energy sources.

Some of our Year 5 children were lucky enough to be involved in some of the demonstrations. All the children enjoyed being active audience participants! Lots of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ throughout!


Year 5 Basketball

A group of 12 Year 5s represented Two Moors at Tiverton High School last week for a basketball tournament.

All children played exceptionally well and displayed great team spirit and were great role models for the school.

Two children were picked out for having great self-belief and were awarded certificates from the high school students.

Well done to Alisha and Leo!

Fire safety

Year 5 were lucky enough to have the Devon Fire and Rescue service come to visit to talk about fire safety.

Some of the things highlighted were:

Who to call in an emergency,

Fire escape routes at home,

How to test a smoke detector,

What to do if your clothes catch fire,

What a prank/hoax call is.

The fireman also highlighted that they have been renamed as the Fire and Rescue Service as they tend to deal with more rescues now than fires.

There is a photo attached with a phone number for a free installation of smoke detectors in your home. If you live in a bungalow, one smoke detector is needed in the hallway. If you have a two storey house, two smoke detectors are needed. And so on, if you have more floors in your house.

The visit was very informative and the children learnt a lot and were able to take booklets home and discuss fire safety with their families.

Year 5 Boys Futsal tournament

As part of the Tiverton Learning Community, local primary schools were asked to take part in a boys futsal tournament.

The rules are similar to football with some minor amendments.

Nine of our year 5 boys represented Two Moors. The boys played extremely well and came 3rd. They encouraged each other throughout the tournament with praise and kind comments. They were a credit to the school.

Well done boys!

Year 5 Greek day.

Year 5 had a great day enjoying Greek activities. They did some Greek dancing, which proved challenging at times! They also made Greek pots and wrote sentences in the Greek alphabet.

In the afternoon, we had a Greek feast and we were lucky enough to taste some authentic Greek food supplied by The Tasty Greek takeaway in Tiverton.

A great day was had by all!

The Hakka

Year 5 have been doing rugby as part of their PE sessions. Also heavily televised at the moment is the rugby union. E5 are following Fiji, as part of a sweepstake, and E6 are following Tonga.

We have looked at a video of the All Blacks doing the Hakka and the children really wanted to do their own Hakka! The photos are attached and there is a short video which will follow.

The children had great fun and we were able to discuss the reasons why some teams ‘perform’ the Hakka before a match.

Reading in Year 5

As a school, we are promoting reading. Not just children reading to us, but the adults reading to the children as well. This does not include any books we are using for a literacy sequence.

We have chosen six different books, that have been recommended by Devon Library Services, which are age appropriate for Year 5.

We have wrapped the books and written a description for each book. The children will then vote as to what book they would like read to them, based on the description only, and not what the book looks like.

The votes are coming in and there is still time to vote for your chosen book.

But which one will you choose?!