Fire Safety

The Fire and Rescue service came in to speak to us about how to stay safe, if there is a fire. We learned about the importance of getting low, leaving the building immediately and calling 999. We also learned about the the serious consequences of hoax calls. We were each given information booklets to take home so that we could share what we have learned with our parents.

The booklets give a number, which we can be used to arrange for a technician to provide and fit a smoke alarm free of charge.

Tag Rugby Tournament

E5 had great fun taking part in a Rugby Tournament at Tiverton High School earlier this term. We all showed excellent sportsmanship.

Science Workshop

Year 5 had a great day, designing and making different buggies. We first made buggies that were powered by balloons and later made motorized buggies. The balloon buggies were faster, however the motorized buggies could travel further. Some traveled in circles! We had to modify our designs as we went along using our knowledge of forces. Here are some photos of us, busy at work.

Congratulations to Roman

This afternoon, Jeff from Tiverton Town Football Club came in to select a raffle ticket at random for our reading grand prize draw. Roman in E5 was the owner of the lucky raffle ticket! Roman has been reading regularly and has scored a considerable amount  of 100%  scores on Accelerated Reader. Roman has won tickets for his family to watch a game at Tiverton Town Football Club. Well done Roman!